FSG Electric

Electrical Products

Facility Solutions Group provides electrical products and solutions that make the most sense for your business and budget.  Our skillful and knowledgeable technicians are dedicated to providing the technologies to achieve your goals.

We offer electrical components, MRO supplies, and pre-fab electrical components for use in new construction and remodeling.  Our in-house electricians have the real-world experience needed to design, install and maintain the right solution for your business.

With four master distribution centers providing prompt and efficient coverage of all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico, FSG is ready to deliver the products you need, when you need them.

Electrical Services

The Facility Solutions Group teams of certified electrical service technicians are ready to respond to your call.  We can design and install a new system or retrofit an existing system.  We are experts at troubleshooting, installing, and maintaining interior and exterior systems.  Our dedicated team can help you with any of the electrical needs for your site, business, or project.

When you need us, the FSG electrical services experts are on call for you.  Our technicians serve the entire country with 24-hour emergency services, disaster recovery assistance, and temporary power capabilities.  We respond to your calls with professionalism, courtesy, and the knowledge and tools necessary to get your business up and running.

Our teams know that electrical work can be a hindrance to your regular business.  We will work with you to meet project requirements and schedule maintenance and repair work that causes as little disruption as possible.  Our electrical professionals and technicians are dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the highest standard: your satisfaction.

Electrical Construction Services

Facility Solutions Group provides electrical construction and service solutions that are unequaled in the industry.  As a full-service electrical contractor, we offer electrical construction, engineering, and project management services.

Backed by a strong financial footing, FSG has the tools and resources, innovative cloud-based project management software, real-time dashboards, and audit services to keep you informed and your project on track.  Added to this is our company-wide culture of safety, fairness, and transparency, ensuring that you can trust your project is secure with FSG.

FSG’s skillful and dedicated technicians will work with you throughout any and all phases of your project, from pre-construction planning and design, to product installation, to ongoing customer care and maintenance.