About FSG

Company Description

Facility Solutions Group, (FSG) is one of the nation’s largest single-source providers of lighting and electrical products, electrical services, electrical construction, and energy management solutions. With a successful 34 year history of serving customers, FSG develops, designs, markets, sells and supports all types of lighting, electrical, control, and energy-saving products and services.

The company’s products and services enable customers to build, maintain, expand or upgrade their facility infrastructures, in scenarios ranging from new construction to remodels to ongoing operations.

FSG customers include large property owners and managers, commercial businesses, retail chains, general contractors, property developers, healthcare, financial, hospitality, educational, government entities, ESCO’s, industrial, and high end residential as well as individual consumers.

FSG has over 2,000 dedicated employees supporting the company’s business in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. In 2015, FSG’s revenues were in excess of $465 million, ranking it among the top two percent nationally in both wholesale distribution and electrical contracting fields.

FSG provides products, services, and solutions that focused in the following business segments:

lighting > electrical > energy > technology > national accounts > signs

FSG Lighting

Founded in 1982, FSG Lighting (FSGL) is one of the nation’s largest lighting and electrical wholesalers. FSGL represents the leading lighting and electrical manufacturers to support all of a facility’s product procurement needs. FSGL’s lighting designers use computer-aided design to provide the best visual impact and the lowest total cost of ownership. FSGL’s state of the art solution centers showcase the most innovative lighting and electrical products and host educational seminars. FSGL’s eleven distribution centers are strategically placed to provide the best service and fastest response times in the industry.

FSG Electric

Founded in 1986, FSG Electric (FSGE) is a full-service electrical contractor providing electrical service, project management, electrical engineering, and electrical construction for general contractors, design build firms, national retail accounts, facility managers, and building owners. Company services also include data cabling, thermography, aerial lighting service and rappelling. FSGE offers 24-hour emergency service and an extensive fleet of service vans, sign trucks, bucket trucks and cranes operated by a highly trained, professional staff. Additionally, FSGE’s energy audits and lighting retrofits help customers identify lost profit due to inefficient electrical systems, adding directly to the customer’s bottom line.

FSG Energy

Established in 1998, FSG Energy (FSGE) is a specialized division of FSG, formed to focus on energy saving opportunities through the proper use of lighting systems, controls, enterprise energy management, and automated fault detection diagnostics. FSGE’s approach to the industry is to assemble “best of breed” open standard technologies, and applications as a system integrator and CISCO Smart Building partner. The division provides energy studies, along with control solutions to help commercial, industrial, and retail facilities manage energy quality, use, demand, and peak loads. By keeping abreast of energy market trends, rebate opportunities, and energy policy legislation, FSGE keeps FSG on the cutting edge of energy management.

FSG Technology

Established in 2005, FSG Technology (FSGT) is a specialized service division of FSG offering a complete line of technology infrastructure services, including cabling, wireless, and circuit installations. FSGT will perform an analysis of a customer’s existing infrastructure and upgrade or design a new system to meet performance requirements. FSGT designs and installations professionals receive ongoing training in the most advanced fiber, copper, and wireless technologies. The division holds numerous certifications from the industry’s finest manufacturers and is a member of BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International). A Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) is also on staff.

FSG National Accounts

Established in 1995, FSG National Accounts (FSGNA) was formed to be FSG’s central conduit for delivering its products and services to large multi-site accounts. FSGNA’s centralized management provides multi-site customers with a single point of contact, delivering real time reporting and qualified project management. FSGNA performs around the clock, utilizing a centralized service center system. FSGNA delivers electrical service, construction, remodels, project management, as well as replacement lighting products and services for all types of national and regional accounts.

FSG Signs

Established in 2007, FSG Signs (FSGS) is a specialized service division of FSG offering sign installation and maintenance services, design and fabrication services, and neon repair services.

The synergy of the combined FSG business model produces a competitive advantage that is not available anywhere else.

Audience Core Desire

When buying from FSG customers want "someone trustworthy and knowledgeable to step in and solve their specific problem promptly and at a fair price".

FSG fulfills this core desire by providing a single source solution, accessible around the clock. Once a customer contacts FSG, FSG accepts the customer's concerns as their own and recommends a solution that exactly meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations. FSG’s depth and breadth of product, full service, trained staff, customized billing, service bandwidth, prompt response, value-added services, bench strength, national reach, technical systems, web-based capabilities, and professionalism ensure that "once FSG accepts the customer’s problem or request for service – FSG guarantees satisfactory results and measures its success by the customer's satisfaction".